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Best Commercial Dryers For You

For a laundry facility, complex of apartments, or other laundry business, selecting the best commercial dryer for the job is crucial. Don't just purchase any industrial dryer; a broken machine costs money to fix, irritates your customers, and eventually costs you money. The commercial dryers available for purchase at Airport Home Appliances are top-notch, long-lasting units that are made to withstand hard, repeated use. Visit Airport Home Appliances today to find the best commercial dryer that fits your needs in terms of price, size, and other factors.

Because of their large capacity, commercial dryers can dry multiple loads simultaneously. Dryers can hold up to 90 lbs. and have widths that range from 27" to a wider 48". Most have a side swing door that can be put practically anywhere, making them suited for different architectural patterns. Commercial dryers are available with gas and electric fuel types to satisfy building amenities. Some models come with multiple dry cycles and different temperatures to guarantee that garments dry perfectly. The majority have touch pads that make it simple for customers to choose their favorite drying mode. 


Commercial Dryers for Sale at Airport Home Appliances Stores

An industrial dryer may be a worthwhile investment when you need to dry several loads of clothes daily and want dependable, consistent results every time. Industrial washers and dryers are helpful for rental homes, condos, or if you have a big family that does a lot of laundry every day. The residents of your apartment complex or laundromat depend on you having a coin-operated dryer. Commercial dryers (electric or gas-powered) speed up drying for even the heaviest loads. To dry extra-large laundry, pick from a variety of dryer sizes. 

Need commercial grade laundry equipment? We offer an incredible selection of heavy duty commercial dryers for sale. Shop leading brands like Speed Queen, UniMac and Dexter limb-operated models. Choose from 30lb to 90lb capacity dryers in gas or electric. Need something more specialized? Ask about our commercial laundry machines for prisons, fire stations, hospitals and more. Get the perfect commercial dryer for your multi-housing laundry room, laundromat or other business with the help of our experts. Financing and leasing options available. Call or visit us today to upgrade your facility with a new commercial dryer for sale!

Discover the Best commercial dryers from manufacturers like Miele, Speed Queen, and Maytag Commercial at your nearest Airport Home Appliances.