Stacked Washer Dryer Units

Stacked Washer Dryer Units

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Stacked washer-dryer units


A laundry centre, commonly a stacked washer and dryer, is a terrific method to conserve space when doing laundry at home. In contrast to washer-dryer combos, a laundry centre offers you two separate drums (washing on the bottom and drying on the top), allowing you to handle huge loads simultaneously. A stacked washer dryer unit, and dryer tower is a terrific concept if you seek minimal space solutions. Even a tiny laundry machine can be found to tuck away in closets and other spaces.

While brands have started producing huge capacity alternatives that can handle large loads of laundry while being relatively compact, stackable washer and dryer sets are frequently noted for having smaller capacities.

However, these appliance bundles are excellent for people with mobility challenges. You don't have to stoop to load soiled laundry into the washer or remove clean laundry from the dryer. They also save space. In addition to being front-loading, stackable washers also use less water and energy than top-loading washing machines. To prevent mould growth, ensure to wipe up any remaining water from the rubber gasket. You have a wide range of options thanks to these appliances' characteristics.

If you're tight on space, a stacked washer and dryer set is the perfect laundry solution. These space-saving bundles allow you to install a washer and dryer on top of each other, reducing the floor footprint needed. Many stackable sets feature front-load paired units that perfectly align when stacked, with utilities in easy reach. We offer stackable sets from leading brands in a range of colours, capacities and price points. Our experts can help you choose the right stacked washer-dryer set for your home.

We also carry individual stackable washers and dryers so you can customize your own laundry bundle. Mix and match your favourite features and aesthetics. Some stackable units can even stand alone if needed. Let us know your budget, capacity needs, fuel type and other must-haves and we'll recommend compatible stackable washer and dryer models to create your ideal stacked washer and dryer set.


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Clothes washers have made housework much more straightforward since the 1950s when electric washing and drying machines were first developed. We can simplify that process with washers from Airport Home Appliances. We provide machines with various shapes and functions, including front load, top load, stacked washer and dryer units, and even coin-operated commercial washers. We also have any trusted brands you may be aware of. Despite the popularity of brands like Maytag and LG, we also sell Haier, Whirlpool, and Frigidaire, to mention a few.

Please contact our specialists at (866) 304-4449 if you have any concerns regarding these space-saving appliances or stop by the location nearest you to speak with them in person.