30 Day Price Match Guarantee

We are so confident in our low price guarantee that we will beat ANY advertised deal online from a local retailer or in print from a local retailer. Simply provide proof of the competitor's price via ad, print out or live web page within 30 days (90 days for Airport Elite customers) of purchase and we'll beat their price. If you have already made your purchase and find a better price within 30 days we'll refund you the difference. The price must be current based on the promotion date displayed on the ad and the product must be in stock. If you have a print out of a web page the print date must be within 7 days from the current date.

The low price guarantee is for the total invoice amount including delivery if applicable. Package price guarantee applies to the total package price. Advertised product must be like product (new in box) and in stock. Excludes items on sale during “Black Friday All Month Long Promotion 11/1 through 11/30.”

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** NOTE: Airport Home Appliance & Mattress is committed to providing accurate information for all of our items on our website. However, typographical errors can occur and occasionally specs can change without notification. We strongly recommend that you verify product specifications and information with your customer service representative to ensure the item will fit in your space and the features meet your needs. Typographical errors in pricing may occur on our website. Airport Home Appliance & Mattress reserves the right to cancel a sale with a full refund if it is obvious an item has been advertised at a price significantly below market value or below any UMRP price due to a typographical error. If you have any questions or think you notice an error, please call (866) 304-4449 or email us.

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