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Is your school in need of a new refrigerator in the teachers' lounge? Or maybe you need a new cooktop or dishwasher at your local donation or community center? Then look no further as Airport Home Appliance is committed to giving back, whether it's improving one kitchen or laundry room at a time, we want to help!

Whatever the case may be, consider filling out a submission request and get in touch with us now!

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Specify the type of appliance you would like donated to your organization or cause. | Describe your organization’s mission and purpose of your request. | i.e., How will the appliance be used? | • Provide tax exempt status/credentials for your organization.| • Please allow a 30-day window to process all requests prior to events.

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Consider Donating Your Old Appliances!

Shopping for a new appliance is an enjoyable experience but dealing with the disposal of your old one can be quite a hassle. Airport Home Appliance will take old appliances during ‘Haul Away’, however, if your appliances are still in working condition, it would be worth considering donating them instead.

Make a meaningful difference by utilizing your old appliances to support those in need. The best part is that many of these organizations provide free pickup services in the majority of areas. By donating your used appliances, you can contribute to a worthy cause while also making the process convenient and hassle-free. Donating used, functioning appliances can make a significant impact through various charitable organizations listed below.

Local Donation Centers

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity, operating in nearly 70 countries, is an outstanding non-profit organization that gladly accepts used appliances. Their extensive network includes numerous Habitat for Humanity ReStores, where you can find a wide range of reusable appliances and other items. The best part is that they provide free pickup services. To locate a local branch in your area, simply visit their website.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army, present in more than 8,000 locations across 133 countries, offers convenient options for donating your used appliances. They can assist in scheduling a pickup time that suits your convenience. Alternatively, you can choose to drop off your appliances directly at their designated centers. To verify if your local Salvation Army center accepts appliances, please visit their website for further details.
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