Range Hood Accessories

Range Hood Accessories

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Best Range Hood Parts & Accessories

Range hood accessories are made to facilitate the installation of your range hood, enhance its functionality, and improve the efficiency of your kitchen. Various sizes and configurations of accessories are available, including rough-in kits for preparing the appropriate size space, dampers for controlling airflow, ducting kits to assist with installation, backsplashes for utilizing the wall space between the range and the range hood, filters and filter conversion kits for ensuring proper ventilation, fan switches to simplify controls, and wall and roof caps for vent termination. To ensure you have everything you need to finish your kitchen ventilation project, we provide range hood accessories from leading range hood manufacturers.

You need the proper accessories to function correctly while installing or maintaining a range hood. Airport Home Appliances provides a variety of range hood accessories for your appliance, including hood filters that lessen grease, smoke, and aromas in your kitchen and vent kits for better air circulation. These range hood components and accessories are designed for quick and simple installation and are made with the same quality as high-end appliances, so you can focus on preparing your family's favorite meals instead of worrying about maintenance.

Shop For Range Hood Accessories at Airport Home Appliances Stores

Range Hood Accessories are available from various brands at Airport Home Appliances, including Frigidaire, Thermador, GE, Samsung, etc. We provide backsplashes in several layouts to protect your kitchen wall and air recovery systems from bringing fresh air into the kitchen. We offer charcoal filters, range hood canopies, and baffle filters to purify the air. Additionally, we provide the following:

  • Chimney extensions.
  • Duct adapters (roof and wall caps).
  • Duct covers for extra-high ceilings.

We also offer a fine assortment of ornamental liners for specific hood models.

Regarding range hoods specifically, we provide durable range hood blowers, range hood canopies to match any decor, and a selection of range hood colors if you want a vibrant shade for your hood.

We have an extensive range of Range Hood Hardware for the brands you've chosen if you're only changing a single part of the hood. We have Air Recovery Systems for hoods without ducted systems. We also provide a variety of brands of range hood remote controls so you can manage your hood from another room if convenience is what you're after. 

Still need some information about any specific range hood accessories, call us at (866) 304-4449.