Answering The Why

“I chose Fisher & Paykel appliances for this kitchen remodel because of their high-end timeless style at a great price point. Since this location is near the city of San Francisco, I was aiming for an industrial look and loved the modern handles in this line which helped create that ambiance I was looking for:” Sandra told us.

Minimalistic Lines

A few key components of this design are the minimalistic lines and the beautiful bold navy blue color of the cabinets, which went well with the sleek contemporary matte finish of the appliances.

Designer Advice

“The most important advice I give to clients is to make sure to have some kind of a design direction or concept in mind before starting any project. Good design is a marriage of form and function so don’t be afraid to try new things and mix and match styles that you wouldn’t think go together” – Sandra Blank

Beyond Luxury

Hao Chen, of Lussa Group designs a kitchen beyond luxury in the heart of Silicon Valley.

“We build these homes to sell, and we chose Thermador because people get excited to see the brand in a luxury home.”

Hao claims to design a space that is, “…Elegant but not personal. We want the home-buyer to have the freedom o make the kitchen their own, while still giving them a kitchen that is beautiful to start.”

For this project, Hao and his design team combined a Naby-Blue paint with White and Off-White counter-tops and back-splash. They also installed a 24K Gold Island sink faucet, gold cabinet handles, and other Gold decorative pieces to elevate the luxury feel.

They also included a Thermador wine preservation column to divide the right side of the kitchen into a wine bar area. “We wanted to create a separate space within the room without disrupting the flow, so we accented with stainless steel to match the wine column and carried over the Navy-Blue to connect the space with the rest of the kitchen.” Hao says.

Minimal Flair

Nancy Nakano and Michael Mangano, owners of MTM Building Group, use Bertazzoni Applianes to accent their sleek, minimalistic kitchen. ow do they ensure appliances pair well with cabinetry, flooring, and back-splash?

“We always suggest that our clients find their favorite flooing and back-splash first because it’s easier to match the rest of the items. The style of appliance also needs to fit the interior design of the house more broadly.”

What about their experience with Airport Home Appliance?

“We started using Airport Home Appliance about 14 years ago. We heard about them through a friend and called the Hayward warehouse. We have never visited the store in Hayward, but that’s how we got to know Moe Meschi. He ordered exactly what we needed, had them delivered promptly, and gave us a very competitive price for everything. Since then, we have been calling Moe at Airport Appliance.”

Vallejo, CA – Renee Hart’s Kitchen featuring a Fulgor Milano range.

“I love cooking in here now, it came together exactly like I planned, and I couldn’t be happier.”

Santa Cruz, CA

“Jeremy & Sarah Sanford’s Kitchen featuring all-new KitchenAid appliances.”

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