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Induction Ranges

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Induction ranges resemble electric glass ranges in appearance, but they are powered by an electromagnetic field beneath the glass cooktop. Induction ranges need specialized magnetic cookware as a result. Some homeowners prefer induction stoves because of how rapidly they cook and react to temperature adjustments. A quick wipe-down usually suffices to clean induction cooktops. Food doesn't have a chance to stick to the cooktops because they aren't heated, which results in greasy accumulation. There are several different single-oven and double-oven induction range options available. Whether you want a freestanding induction range that you can put anywhere or a slide-in induction range that you can install between cabinets, we have it. To complement your other appliances, are you looking for a particular brand? Airport Home Appliances has your favorite brand of induction range, whether it's Samsung, Thermador, KitchenAid, Dacor, or other brands.

Induction Ranges for Sale at Airport Home Appliances

Because there is no risk of heat loss while transmitting heat from the range to the cookware, induction ranges allow you to manage temperature more precisely than electric and gas ranges. Heat transfer immediately stops when a pot is removed, or the range is switched off, helping you save even more energy. We provide top-rated induction ranges with dual fuel, a combination of an electric oven and a sealed-burner gas cooktop, for a hybrid cooking experience.

Choose a slide-in range that fits flush between cabinets or a freestanding induction range that can stand alone. Some versions come with different kinds of drawers, such as ovens, storage, or warming drawers. Many trims are available for various induction oven models, including brass, bronze, chrome, and copper. With external widths ranging from 20" to 66" and total capacities ranging from 3 cubic feet to 4.99 cubic feet, we have various sizes to suit your needs. You can use features like remote access on models that support Wi-Fi.