Track Your Delivery

To view real-time updates on the expected arrival of delivery, simply enter your phone number or order number in the tracking system below:

If you placed an order online or purchase from one of our store locations, you would receive a text one day before your scheduled delivery providing you with a 4-hour time window. You must confirm your delivery time window, or the system will cancel your delivery. You will also receive a call 30 minutes before the delivery truck arrives at your location on the scheduled delivery date.

Note: Real-time updates are intended for the DAY OF DELIVERY. If you track your delivery before the scheduled delivery date the times are subject to change. The times are estimates. Times could change due to unexpected delays.

Disclaimer: Expedited delivery is not guaranteed and is subjected to the availability of delivery slots. Please contact us for the next-day delivery slot availability of your order. The Expedited delivery is not applicable for items that are to be installed. Once an order is placed, our installation team will reach out to you to schedule delivery and installation for the product within 48 hours. These items include but aren't limited to Dishwashers, Wall Ovens, Cooktops, Built-in Fridges, Pro Ranges, OTR Microwaves, and Hoods.

Note: Our Delivery Team will need and expect a clear and wide entry into your home and into the final location. They will not do anything that will put their safety at risks such as carry appliances over a fence, island, dirt pathway, or stairs that are too narrow for the units to go through, etc. All electrical, plumbing, and/or gas lines must be set in place, free of rust, and in good working condition. If any of these lines are not ready, our Delivery Team will not install the units and will only drop off the merchandise in your home. Should we be requested to come back and install the product later, an additional fee will apply.

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