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Why You Need a Smart Refrigerator

Published May 15, 2022 by Manuel Escobar

Smart appliances are constantly entering the appliance industry year after year. With modern technology advancing as it is, refrigerators are starting to do much more than just keep your food fresh.

With nearly 99.9% of all homes owning a refrigerator, it’s a safe bet a portion of these homes owns a smart refrigerator rather than a “normal” one. And who’s to blame them? Smart refrigerators have so many unique and save-timing features it’s almost a no-brainer to buy one!

The Smart Refrigerator

The typical fridge does a lot for us already. It keeps our food safe, helps preserve food for months on end, and of course, gives us cool drinks and mounds of ice. It’s nearly perfect as it is, but the smart fridge can do so much more. Smart refrigerators connect to your Wi-Fi, then via an app, you can control it through your smartphone. For the most part, the apps are the same regardless of fridge brand. They all allow you to access your refrigerator to see what you have inside and if there are any issues in terms of maintenance and control of inner temperature.

Smart refrigerators are made by some of your favorite brands already which makes it easy to stick with a brand you already know and love. Some brands consist of Monogram, Thermador, GE, LG, Café Café, and Samsung. Depending on the brand you prefer, a smart refrigerator could cost anywhere from $10,000 and above, or as little as $1,200. It really depends on what features, aesthetic, and brand you prefer. Regardless of which way you go, each smart fridge is a beneficial purchase for your family.

With alerts and notifications being sent to your phone, you’ll always be on top of your fridge maintenance. Plus, the capability to see inside your smart fridge from your phone is a huge help when you’re running late from work and don’t have a clue what’s for dinner! Some can even build recipes from what you already have in your fridge to help you better prepare for when you get home. Aside from that, a lot of them come equipped with LED lights inside to better help you spot what you need more quickly. In addition to all this, you can always save more money in the long run as a good portion of these smart refrigerators are also Energy Star Certified, guaranteeing you have an energy-efficient appliance in your home.

Final Consensus

Purchasing a smart refrigerator is a smart move. Sorry, we couldn’t help it! With so many options, the sky’s the limit when looking to purchase a smart refrigerator. So, if you have a fridge at home that might be coming to its end, or just want an update in the kitchen, a smart refrigerator is a great move. You can find a large supply of smart refrigerators and other appliances at Airport Home Appliance! Visit us at one of our showrooms today or visit us online anytime!


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