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Why Is There an Appliance Shortage?

Published May 17, 2022 by Manuel Escobar

It’s no secret by now that COVID has drastically changed our way of living. One of the many unfortunate outcomes of COVID has been the ever-expanding list of shortages and supply issues throughout the globe. The world has faced many shortages since 2020, including food, baby formula, computer chips, toilet paper, and appliances.

Aside from obvious necessities, homeowners are finding it difficult to purchase several appliances from refrigerators to ventilators. These current supply chain issues are causing several appliances to take several months to get delivered to your home. But, why is there an appliance shortage?

Material & Labor Shortage

Unfortunately, so many manufacturers and retailers are having several supply chain issues, causing huge delays for new appliance owners. A lot of it has to do with the cost of raw materials, semiconductor chip shortages, and an overall increase in demand. Plus, shutting down factories because of covid made it impossible for anyone to keep up with demands. Some people might actually be surprised to learn that semiconductor chips play a part in this whole appliance chain issue. Though a few years ago, they would've never had a large impact like today.

With smart appliances becoming the norm, semiconductor chips are needed when building these new appliances. If the semiconductor shortage continues, then manufacturers will have to, unfortunately, cut back on smart appliance production or produce appliances that do not come with any smart or high-tech features. Though that itself is bad, the bigger issue is all on delivery times.

With this, several manufacturers are still dealing and recovering from labor shortages. It all stems from the pandemic as well as poor wages. It's obvious without workers, appliances aren't worked on, leading to several delays and overall slow production and delivery for the customer.

Delivery Times

The overall pandemic allowed families to spend more time with one another, making for great family moments and meals. This then created a boom of homeowners wanting a kitchen renovation and appliance upgrades. So, several people have gone out to purchase these new appliances but were left in the dark about the delivery. There are several unfortunate stories about homeowners waiting months on end for just one appliance to get delivered. Some customers are even getting a lead time of one year for just one appliance.

So, the best thing to do right now if you want a new appliance is to check when the delivery date would be before purchasing. Many retailers and manufacturers should have a “Delivery by” date somewhere during the checkout process online. If you don’t see this tag anywhere, it’s best to reach out to customer service and ask about delivery times, or if in-store, ask one of the store representatives. As a final suggestion, you could also rethink your renovation and opt-in for appliances you can buy that are in stock the moment you need them. Likewise, you could ask to purchase floor models, as they are normally ready to go then and there.

In-Stock Now!

With how things are currently, it seems as though the appliance shortage won't clear up until around Q1 of 2023. So, if you're deciding to remodel your kitchen or just need an upgrade, Airport Home Appliance keeps several in-stock appliances in our showrooms and online. You can look down our endless list of refrigerators, washer and dryer sets, dishwashers, and custom ranges.

Still worried about delivery? Don't be, Airport Home Appliances offers next-day delivery on several appliances and 7-day delivery on almost all other appliances, visit us today!


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