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Water Damage – What to Do & Are Your Appliances Safe?

Published July 15, 2022 by Manuel Escobar

Though not everyone may be in the middle of a flood or major storm, knowing what to do for your appliances and family during such a natural disaster is vital.

With unpredictable weather, major storms, floods, and even faulty home pipes can ravage any home and bring a lot of damage. The very first thing you should do is check on your family, your safety should always come first. Then, when you gather your bearings, start focusing on your home. So much can happen during natural disasters, if the damage isn't too much, your appliances and other parts of the home should still be functional.

Here you’ll learn safety tips and what to do with your appliances after a major natural disaster such as floods and storms.

What To Do

After ensuring your family is safe, you might want to move right back into your home. However, for your safety, you must get a professional to check your home first before moving back in. After you’ve been given the OK to move back, it’s time to get to work!

Your home becomes an automatic health risk whether a flood, faulty pipes, or an intense storm has hit. It’ll almost certainly be contaminated with mold or sewage in some form. The first thing you should do when reentering your home is to turn off the main power. Doing so will help prevent being electrocuted or further damage to your home in the presence of standing water. After that, be sure to not turn on the power while standing in the water or if water is still mainly around the house. Once you’ve turned off your power, opened windows and doors, let the water recede or has cleared, and have safely finished any safety checks per the CDC, it’s time to start checking those appliances.

Checking Appliances

If your house went through a major flood, chances are your appliances have shifted and may have damaged parts. It’s highly recommended any homeowner should contact a certified professional to check all appliances. If you attempt to air-dry your appliances or wipe them down and then plug them back in, you risk serious injury or death. Do not attempt to do this on your own. All electrical appliances should be looked at by a professional, as does any gas appliance. Be sure to not light any open flames as some gas appliances might have ruptured and caused a gas leak, which can lead to fumes exploding.

After a professional has checked all appliances, you can start calling manufacturers to decide whether you need a full appliance replacement or just need to replace a few parts. For example, if your house only had a few inches of water, your refrigerators and freezers are probably safe to keep. However, if their insulation is wet, it cannot be saved. Because of what’s happened, insulation is likely to grow mold on the inside. Ovens and ranges are also usually salvageable, but their controls and knobs should be replaced. Generally, most manufacturers recommenced that all electrical components, gas valves, motors, and safety controls be replaced.

Do What’s Right for Your Family

When it comes to these natural disasters, it’s usually safer to replace things altogether and get new appliances. Though a lot of them can be saved after a thorough inspection, cleaning, and replacing of the appropriate parts. In the end, it is your choice. If you’re comfortable replacing everything, then do so, it’s all about what makes you and your family feel better. Calling the manufacturers is also a good choice to help with your decision-making.

If you find yourself wanting to replace and purchase new appliances, Airport Home Appliance has the largest in-stock selection in Northern California and we’re here to help at any given moment. You can always visit us in our showrooms or online at any time.

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