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Discover Top-Quality Over-the-Range Hoods and Stove Ventilation Hoods for Your Kitchen

An over the range hood or over stove hood, also called a vent hood or kitchen hood, is commonly installed above ranges or cooktops to collect, filter, or vent cooking grease, smoke, and steam. Some over the range vent hoods include built-in lighting and fans to illuminate your cooking surface. Over-the-range hoods come in various sizes and styles to suit your appliances and kitchen layout, with ducted and non-ducted airflow options.

Effective Kitchen Ventilation

Install an over range hood from one of our premium international brands to purify the air while venting smoke and smells from cooking. Over the stove vent hoods are essential for any home chef.

Over-the-Range Hood Styles and Configurations

We offer a wide variety of over the range hoods in different sizes and designs. Choose from under-cabinet mounts, island mounts, wall-mounted units, commercial styles, and more to match your kitchen decor and airflow needs. Find the right balance of ventilation power, noise level, size, and aesthetics.

Quality Construction and Filtration

Our stove ventilation hoods options feature sturdy builds using sophisticated materials to last for years in the heart of your kitchen. Strong motors provide effective grease, smoke, and steam suction during cooking. Most models also come with easy-to-clean filtration systems to catch particles.

Upgrade Your Kitchen Today

Bring fresh air back into your kitchen with a powerful and durable over the range vent hood from our impressive selection. With so many styles and features available, Airport Home Appliance makes it easy to discover your perfect over-range hood match!

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