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Pros & Cons of Front & Rear Control Ranges

Published June 13, 2022 by Manuel Escobar

Ranges come in all sorts of styles and designs.

Aside from color, finish, and overall look ranges also come with either front control or rear control panels. To the average consumer, this might not mean anything. Sometimes we go for whatever is easiest or available. However, knowing the pros and cons of front and rear control panels could help you make a better decision for your family.

Front Control Range


A front control range is a kitchen range that has all its knobs and control switches on the front side of the appliance. The immediate benefit from this is that you will never have to reach over an open flame or any heat source when wanting to turn a knob. It automatically eliminates the risk of burns by being front and center for easy access. Also, the knobs up front are almost always push-turn knobs for safety. This means that if anyone does try to use the range, there’s a small added layer of safety.

Plus, nearly all front control ranges are ADA compliant. It’s almost obvious as their front knobs are directly accessible for just about anyone. Lastly, as an aesthetic benefit, most front control ranges are freestanding and usually have a modern and sleek design that works well with any kitchen.


The one downside to owning a front control range is that the knobs do sit on the front of the appliance and can easily be reached by children. Though most knobs do use push-turn mechanics, a child could still easily turn on the range, which could possibly lead to a fire. So, there might be a need for more adult supervision around the appliance when children are nearby.

Otherwise, the only other thing to consider is the price. Most front control ranges are slide-in by design, meaning they are packed between cabinets for a sleek and streamlined design. Because of this, the price might be higher than that of a rear control range.

Rear Control Range


Rear control ranges are typically freestanding, meaning they can be placed just about anywhere on their own. So, unlike its slide-in counterpart, these freestanding ranges can be moved and played around with to find a position that best fits your kitchen. The rear control range also has the benefit of having all knobs and controls on the backside of the appliance. So, there’s no need to worry about smaller children running around trying to reach the buttons right in front.


Though you can calm any fear of children hitting the knobs, you still need to be cautious with the overall heat and flames from a front control range. Since the controls are on the rear end, you do need to reach overheat panels and open flames to move any knobs as needed. Also, because the controls are on the rear, this also means that the appliance may not be ADA compliant whatsoever. It will depend on the person and disability to see if usage is possible, though generally, it might be difficult for them to manage.

Final Thoughts

Both front and rear control ranges are great for any home. Again, the final decision on which to own will only come from your own personal preference. Front control ranges are sleeker, they offer easy clean-up and easy access. The rear control range is also a great addition with its ability to move wherever you need it and helps prevent children from reaching any knobs. Either version of the appliance will do wonders! So, when you reach a consensus on your next range, visit us in-store or online at Airport Home Appliance to browse our wide selection of in-stock front and rear control ranges!


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