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Electrolux's Innovative Smart Appliances & Technology

Published March 1st, 2023 by Manuel Escobar

Believe it or not, smart appliances have been around for several decades. Technically, the first piece of smart home tech dates all the way back to the 1960s! Nowadays, we have all sorts of devices and features on thermostats, appliances, and phones that can make our home more to our liking. With that said, appliance leaders like Electrolux are continuously innovating their appliances to bring nothing but the best in smart appliances to every home.

Electrolux's subsidiaries Frigidaire Home Products and Vintec are at the forefront of their innovations.

The New 4-Door French Refrigerator

A new smart appliance Electrolux is introducing comes from their Frigidaire Gallery division, the new 21.5 Cu. Ft. Counter Depth 4-Door French Door Refrigerator. One of the biggest issues with any refrigerator is trying to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh and crisp! Nothing is worse than trying to prep a meal only to find soft and wilted food in your refrigerator. However, the appliance has several new and innovative features that allow it to stand out when compared to the rest. This refrigerator comes with Frigidaire’s exclusive CrispSeal® Fresh Crisper that helps your vegetables stay fresh and crisp for much longer. It has three built-in advanced technologies that block out dry air, remove excess moisture, optimize humidity, and even has a built-in antioxidant filter to reduce ethylene, odors, and gases.

You can also take advantage of their Custom-Flex® Temp Drawer. Sometimes it’s difficult to sort out where certain foods should go, especially your most used food. With this custom drawer, you can use the extra space to store your favorites! Feel free to store beer, yogurt, or frozen pizzas in the drawer which can act as either a fridge or freezer. The drawer is easy to navigate and changes temperatures at just a push of a button to get as cold as 28°F, or, to stay chilled at 45°F.

Above all else, one of the most frustrating things is not catching and repairing an appliance maintenance issue on time. These issues can lead you to come home to a broken refrigerator filled with spoiled food. No one wants to lose their food or money. Thankfully, with the Frigidaire 2.0 app, you can stay connected with your fridge and get notified if anything goes wrong. The app will notify you if the door is open, the unit is too hot or loses power, and even reminds you when the filters need to be replaced. You’ll never be left guessing if you must do a quick maintenance check ever again! You can see the app in action here.

Since this fridge does help reduce the overall waste of food, you’ll be able to save on energy consumption. With that, this refrigerator is an Energy Star Certified appliance, so you're guaranteed to save money and maximize energy efficiency

The new Frigidaire Gallery 21.5 Cu. Ft. Counter Depth 4 Door French Door Refrigerator is a must-have when it comes to the newest top-of-the-line fridges and is available now.

Oeno – The Virtual Wine Cellar App

Vintec, has a virtual wine cellar manager and personal sommelier, Oeno. The Oeno app allows you to create a virtual replica of your current wine cellar. With the combined power of Vivino, you can scan and see detailed information about each wine you have at home. Information can include its serving temperature, best aeration times, and its best aging time for consumption.

You can also store your wine virtually just as you would physically, so you know which shelf and brand is in which cabinet for easy access. Plus, you can get pairing recommendations for what food tastes best with the wine you have on hand. Lastly, you can order and restock your wine to build up your collection straight from the Oeno app powered by the Vivino Marketplace.

You can see a rundown of the Oeno app here.

Bonus: Vintec’s 5 Rules of Wine Cellaring

Regarding wine, Vintec has also partnered with e&s before sharing the 5 Rules of Wine Cellaring. Vintec did not set these rules, rather these are rules that have been passed down through time for optimal wine cellaring. The National Sales Manager of Vintec, Dudley Maudlin, once shared all these rules in a collaborative video that still holds true today.

Maudlin began by mentioning that the correct way to cellar wine is to control the temperature. Wine should stay at a stable temperature of 10°C to 15°C (50°F to 59°F), anything exceeding this and beyond 25°C (77°F) will ruin the wine within a couple of weeks. Plus, keeping wine at the right temperature helps avoid that “spoiled fruit” taste! For your convenience, Vintec wine cabinets are pre -set to stay at 12°C (53°F) for an optimal mid-range temperature.

Secondly, Maudlin continued to humidity. In general, the humidity levels should stay above 50%. Levels lower than 50% can cause the corks to dry out and shrink. Thus, allowing damaging air to enter the wine creating oxidation and off-odors. Plus, too much humidity can cause mold and bacteria to grow around the labels, corks, and possibly the cabinet itself.

Third, wine should be in a dark storage area. Maudlin mentioned that all light should be avoided. Above all else, UV light should be avoided as it can create hydrogen sulfide compounds in the wine and ultimately affects the tannins and color.

Protection from vibrations comes in at an obvious fourth. Harsh vibrations can and will prematurely deteriorate wine by speeding up chemical reactions and aging the wine. Most at-home wine cabinets and cellars carry vibration due to the compressors built in. However, Vintec has innovated its cabinets to use slow-cycling compressors that work at half the speed of a normal compressor for minimal vibrations. Plus, they are individually balanced and mounted on rubber mountings which overall remove significant vibrations.

Lastly, you’ll need airflow for your wine storage. The lack of appropriate ventilation and air can make any wine cellar become stale and moldy. Unlike other domestic cabinets, which are shut tight and dehumidified, Vintec cabinets breathe and use carbon filters to allow air and humidity to flow from outside inwards, keeping the air fresh.

Knowing all of that could help prolong the life of your wine and keep it fresh so each glass you pour is in excellent condition. The only thing left to decide is what size wine cabinet you’d want! Vintec carries small 20-bottle cabinets all the way up to a walk-in cabinet, which can be as large as four-thousand bottles. For a typical domestic home, Maudlin suggests a single-zone wine cellar appliance.

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