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Choosing the Appropriate Appliances for Your ADU

Published March 1st, 2023 by Manuel Escobar

When building an Accessory Dwelling Unity, ADU, it’s essential you choose the right appliances. An ADU is typically a small secondary living unit that is built on the same property as a primary residence unit such as a house. Recently, ADUs have been gaining popularity as a way to add rental income or simply provide a space for a family member or friend. In the San Francisco Bay Area, building an ADU may be ideal as a long-term investment for your home.

With that, here are some tips for choosing the right appliances for your ADU!

Aesthetics & Size

While functionality is critical, the appearance of the appliances also plays a role. Look for appliances that complement the overall design of the ADU. Many appliance manufacturers now offer smaller-sized appliances that are designed to be stylish and match a variety of décor styles. Many new appliances come with a range of detailed decorative parts, interchangeable panels, and various colors to match any home. It may take time, but finding the right appliance to fit your ADU is a fun and rewarding experience.

When it comes to ADUs, the size of your appliances matters dramatically. Because ADUs are generally smaller living spaces, sometimes smaller than a studio, it’s essential you choose appliances that fit the space. You may consider adding compact appliances that are specifically designed for a smaller living space. So, like with any appliance purchases, be sure to measure your ADU and ensure that the appliances will be able to fit comfortably without issue. After you’ve triple-checked the measurements, you can start shopping!

Functionality & Energy Efficiency

You’ll need to know how the ADU will be used and choose appliances that fit a given intended function. For example, if your ADU is being used as a rental, it might be beneficial to have a microwave and mini fridge as these are usually must-haves for renters and for people constantly on the move. However, on the other hand, if the ADU is to be used as a guest house, you may consider an oven with a cooktop or range instead of the microwave as they may be more practical.

As a dwelling unit, you may also want to consider noise levels in your appliance choices. In a small space, appliances can contribute to the overall noise level. So, you may be better off looking for appliances that have a good reputation for being quiet. For example, dishwashers with a low decibel rating can operate without disturbing the peace in an ADU. Something else you may consider is Energy Efficient appliances.

Energy-efficient appliances are not only better for the environment but can also save you money on utility bills. How can you tell which appliances are Energy Efficient? Simple, just look for the appliances that have the Energy Star rating. The Energy Star sticker rating will indicate that the appliance meets the energy efficiency standards set by the government. Most appliances now are built around these standards, so it can be very convenient to find the right refrigerator or oven that fits your needs and helps the planet.

Once you’ve decided on the use, check every area of the ADU to ensure the appliances can operate properly. Will you have enough room to open an oven door? How about opening a refrigerator or possibly a dishwasher drawer? The main question here is, are you being realistic and is this appliance practical in this given space? For example, is the large commercial range better for the ADU compared to the small premium range? You may want to buy multi-functional appliances that serve multiple purposes like a combination microwave oven that serves as two appliances while saving space!

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right appliances for an ADU requires careful consideration of functionality, size, aesthetics, and so much more. By keeping these factors in mind, you can select appliances that make the most of your ADU space while providing the necessary functionality to whoever lives there.

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