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With a long history and timeless design, Miele kitchens are a perennial favorite among our customers. Every detail from manufacturing to a perfectly brewed cup of coffee is meticulously planned, and does not go unnoticed by our team or our customers. No compromises are ever made to reduce cost or produce a product that is anything short of exceptional. Many of our customers are pleasantly surprised to find Miele packages at an affordable price, and we’re thrilled to show them that forever better is an affordable luxury.

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Miele is excellent in all categories. I am not only impressed with their products, but their high-class customer service as well. They manage to make all their parts within their own factories which results in their appliances being consistently unique, modern, and reliable.


Melissa Valencia
San Jose Showroom
Pro Appliance Specialist

The Gregorys in a Miele Kitchen

Real Customer

The Gregorys

San Jose, CA

Brian & Sheila Gregory turn their outdated kitchen into a modern entertaining experience. The couple worked with Jean Farasat of our San Jose showroom.

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“We went through 10 different drawings before finalizing our plan, but it was all worth it. Jean at Airport Home Appliance is always a pleasure to work with, and we couldn’t be happier with our kitchen.”

- Brian Gregory

Miele dishwasher and range

The Gregorys: A Real Airport Home Appliance Remodel

Having built and sold several homes, remodeling their own home of 25 years was a passion project for Brian and Sheila Gregory of San Jose. “If this was one of our spec homes we would have made more neutral choices, but because it was our kitchen we designed it to suit our needs. It turned out better than we could have imagined.” Featuring a suite of Miele appliances was an easy choice, because “when it comes to quality Miele is top of the line.”

The couple started by selecting a set of quarter sawn cabinets in a dark gray stain. “We didn’t want anything too ornate, and we also felt the modern trend of ultra-simple would be boring. We loved that the oak had a tight grain and decorative without being over the top. It gives it a more traditional feel and it’s something we planned the rest of the kitchen around."

When it came time to finalize their appliances, the Gregorys worked with Jean Farasat in our San Jose showroom. “We’ve been working with Jean on our projects, and he helped us pick Miele for our own kitchen. We needed a range that wouldn’t clash with the color of the cabinetry. Miele offered a better selection of configurations for the oven door. The black on stainless steel complemented our cabinets where other brands had gray or all stainless steel fronts that clashed.” Even the window trim style was inspired by the cabinetry, and it’s one of the many small details that are personal points of pride for the couple.

With their children grown and out of the house, the Gregorys opened up the kitchen and adjoining rooms to create a space ideal for entertaining. “I specifically chose to feature the Miele appliances in the kitchen because I wanted our friends and family to be able to appreciate the quality. We decided to contrast the cabinets with stainless steel instead of going with an integrated look because we wanted the Miele suite to be as attractive as it is functional.”

Extending the existing tile from the rest of the house into the kitchen seamlessly integrated the project, and the quartzite countertops completed their vision. “We went through 10 different drawings before finalizing our plan, but it was all worth it. Jean at Airport Home Appliance is always a pleasure to work with, and we couldn’t be happier with our kitchen.



  • Narrow pathways in and out of the kitchen isolated adjoining rooms, especially when entertaining guests
  • Kitchen island crowded the cooking area, making it difficult to maneuver when working in the kitchen alongside others
  • White and semi-integrated appliances lacked visual appeal, and fulfilled little purpose beyond their basic function


  • Kitchen is open and integrated with lounge and dining areas, creating a separate but connected space ideal for dinner parties
  • Cooking area now open for multiple people to work in the kitchen at once, creating an inviting space for guests to admire the experience
  • All-new suite of Miele appliances provide timeless style and superior performance, enhancing the kitchen in both form and function

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