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Do You Need a Smart Appliance?

Published July 17, 2022 by Manuel Escobar

New smart appliances continue to pop up each year with new features and overall advancements. So much so, it might have you wondering, are they worth the try?

They're advertised as life savers with their "push of a button" ease and smooth operation. So, much like any other line of appliances, smart appliances have their own pros and cons that you should know about before you buy! Read on to find out whether investing in a new smart appliance is worth it for you!

Convenience & Features

Smart appliances are made with the sole purpose of making it easier for you to do laundry, cooking, and store your food at an optimal level. For example, GE has an amazing washer and dryer that can communicate with one another to know what settings to use without you lifting a finger. They also have features like SmartDispense which holds 32 loads of detergent on standby and dispenses it for you with each load! Plus, they have many more features such as being able to know when each wash and dry are done through the SmartHQ app.

Smart refrigerators also have plenty of convenient features also! The Samsung Side-by-Side Refrigerator includes a touch screen that displays written notes for the family to see and even shows you the inside of your refrigerator, so you know what you need when shopping. Plus, as a bonus, it can even stream music and videos. Like the washers and dryers, Samsung also allows consumers to track their smart appliances through the SmartThings app.

Ranges also have smart counterparts with amazing features. For example, The GE Profile Slide-In-Front-Control Range allows you to preheat from anywhere so you can bake and cook dinner quicker. Plus, it has a built-in air fryer for a new way to cook! You can also activate Chef Connect which automatically turns on lighting and ventilation systems as soon as any burner is activated. Plus, this GE model is easily synchronized with other GE smart appliances for easier usage.

The Downside

Though smart appliances have great benefits and offer easy usage, they also come with their own flaws. One issue smart appliances carry is the need for downloading apps. Here’s the thing, if you want a smart appliance, you almost definitely need to download its respective app to operate it. Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t just walk up to your oven and turn it on, you can! But it means that for maintenance and setup, you’re going to need a smart appliance app such as ThinkQ or SmartHQ.

Smart appliances also need Wi-Fi, obviously. So, if your Wi-Fi is spotty around the house or just isn’t the best, it may reflect on your smart appliance. It could cause delays or connectivity issues when trying to issue alerts to your phone. So, because it’s so dependent on a connection, it may only operate as well as your Wi-Fi connection.

Another tricky issue can be when the smart appliances need updates or maintenance. Again, you’ll need its respective app to do these tasks, but even with the app sometimes it can be difficult to manage what update is needed and what repair has just popped up. Some of the biggest complaints come from families having to adapt to the new norm of a smart appliance through an app which causes confusion while cooking. Though it can help switch things on and off in a breeze, it might be hard to control who gets to control the appliance and when.

Should You Buy Them?

As with any major appliance, the final decision comes down to you. If you’re considering a smart home upgrade, a smart appliance may be the way to go! Sometimes with these new appliances, the most common issues have the most straightforward solution. Though it may be a new adjustment for you and your family, there are several guidelines online to help troubleshoot any issue.

So, if you ever decide to make the leap into a smart appliance, you can trust Airport Home Appliance to have the largest in-stock selection at any given moment! You can also visit us in any of our showrooms to see them firsthand or visit us online at any time.


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