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Common Washer & Dyer Issues & How to Repair Them

Published May 16, 2022 by Manuel Escobar

Our laundry appliances go through a lot. Most of the time, our washers, and dryers can last up to ten years if it’s well maintained. However, it's very common for them to run into several issues.

We all run into issues with appliances, but what are the most common? Being able to know the common issues with washers and dryers may save you time and money in the long run! The best part is, that most of these problems can be fixed at home without a pro.

The Washer

Clothes Still Wet

Have you ever set a load to wash only to find out at the end of the cycle that all the clothes are still soaking wet? If so, it’s more than likely there’s an issue with the drainage, or, it could've been a bad spin cycle. If it is a drainage issue, you should start by unplugging your machine and looking in the back to see if the drainage hose is broken, or clogged. If it’s cleared from any debris, double-check to see if it’s secured properly before moving on.

If the hose looks good, check the drain filter clog and drain pump. The drain filter clog can be found on the access panel on the front of any given washer. If you’ve never had to check it before, chances are it needs a clean. The drain pump can be found by removing the back panel and drain hose. If there’s debris, clean it, then test it after to make sure it’s working with a multimeter if possible. If after all this nothing works, then it’s best to get a professional to help fix the issues as you could risk breaking the machine further on your own.

Water Leak

A washer can leak for several reasons, some include a leaky hose or faulty door seal. Nearly all washers have a hose that connects from the washer itself to an external water source. If you find your washer hose to be damaged or not fitting right, then water is bound to leak from the appliance during its cycles. This is an easy fix since you only need to replace the hose.

Another cause could be a door seal issue. Try checking to see if there’s any visible damage to the washer door itself, if not, then it could be the seal. Check to see if it has any debris around that might prevent it from sealing properly, otherwise, water can slip out. The glass door should press against the seal to create a tight close, make sure to run your hands around it to feel for any rips or tears, if it’s not in great condition whatsoever, replace it. Removing the seal might be necessary, it’s easy to do but if you’re worried about damaging it, call a pro. Otherwise, you can always find several online videos on how to fix the issue and easily remove it.

Clothes Smell

Smelly clothes in a washer can be caused by many things: clothes left inside for too long, build-up of detergent, or bacteria and mold build-up. Unfortunately, the washer can be a great breeding ground for mold and other bacteria over time and creates unwanted smells after a wash. When clothes smell after a wash it’s typically a human error! There can be a build-up of many different things in the filters, hoses, gaskets, and seals if we don’t routinely clean them out. To prevent the odors, don’t leave clothes in for too long after the final spin, be mindful of the amount of detergent used, and clean out any visibly dirty areas before washing.

The Dryer

Clothes Not Dry

If the dryer is on, spins, but doesn’t dry your clothes, then a few things could be causing this. Make sure the dryer is plugged in properly, if so move on to check if you’ve overloaded your dryer. Sometimes we like to add more clothes than we should, but that slows down the process and hurts the dryer’s motor and drum bearings. If you’re not overloading, then check the air vents.

Start by unplugging the dryer, pulling it away from the wall, and disconnecting it from the vents. Remove the vents and start cleaning if they’re dirty, chances are, they’ll be dirty if you’ve never cleaned them. You could use a hand vacuum to speed up this process. After it’s all clean, plug it back in and see how it runs.

One last thing you could check is the lint trap, it should be cleaned after each load. It’s another area we sometimes forget to clean.

Getting Hot but Not Spinning

Most people load up the dryer, power it on, then leave as the cycle goes. You might come back to a set of wet clothes, which might be your first clue that the dryer is not spinning. Other times the dryer will spin for a moment but then stop mid-cycle. The first thing you should do is check the dryer door switch, a small white cylinder peg. It’s in your best interest to investigate it for damage or replace it if needed. This small peg makes sure your dryer doesn’t run while the door is open. Most of the time, you can purchase a replacement just about anywhere.

If the peg isn’t the issue, it could be the drive belt, pulley assembly, or thermal fuse. Either one of these requires more time and skill to fix. So, if you suspect one of these is faulty, it’s best to consult with an expert to help you fix it before you damage the appliance any further. Sometimes you luck out and can fix the issue quickly, other times you might need a true appliance expert to look at the damage.

Your Next Move

Hopefully, you never have to deal with issues with your washer and dryer, but if you ever end up needing a new set, head on over to Airport Home Appliance! With several in-stock washers and dryers, you’ll be able to find one that fits your needs at any of our showrooms or online anytime!


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