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Choosing a Beverage Center & Dispenser

(Wine, Beer, & Cold Brew)

Published May 14, 2022 by Manuel Escobar

Have you ever wanted a designated spot for your wine? Or an appliance that dispenses beer or coffee? Well, lucky for you, there’s a list of appliances that can do just that.

Refrigerators are awesome, but sometimes we want a specific beverage center, dispenser, or to just hold things like bottles of wine and more. To give us satisfaction, and take things to the next level, appliances like beverage centers and dispensers have been created to perfectly serve our drinks at the right temperatures.


It’s estimated that 75 million adults currently drink wine, but what some people don’t know is that most wine should be refrigerated to help punctuate certain flavors to elevate its taste. There are a variety of different cellars, coolers, and cabinets that can help hold and better your wine.

You could go for something such as the Liebherr Built-in Multi-Temp Wine Cabinet. This German engineered product offers premium quality and has an Energy Star certified label to guarantee the use of less energy. This beverage center also comes with a SuperQuiet feature that produces little to no noise while in use and has a SoftSystem, a unique patented design that helps ensure a soft and durable close of the cabinet door no matter how fully loaded. This cabinet also has other unique features such as an alarm system for when the door has been left open or the temperature is compromised, a charcoal filter to supply odorless fresh air, and a compressor that’s installed to help store win in a low vibration environment.

Otherwise, could opt-in for a similar appliance like the Zephyr Single Zone Wine Cooler. This compact wine cooler has three shelves and is also Energy Star certified. This cooler cam also stores 2-liter bottles, champagne, water, and craft brew with its retractable glass quarter-shelf. It also has Active Cooling Technology that helps ensure even cooling for each bottle or beverage.

Beer & Cold Brews

Beer and Cold Brew Coffee can be stored and dispensed straight from a disperser in your own home. Appliances like the Summit Built-In Beer Dispenser can be stored in your house and dispense the perfect glass of beer each time. This dispenser has a Dual-Tap System that helps easily serve from two 1/6 sized kegs, an adjustable thermostat for easy temperature control, and is 100% CFC-free for an environmentally friendly composite without ozone-harming chemicals.

Similarly, you can also enjoy coffee through the Summit Wide Cold Brew Coffee Kegerator. This dispenser is designed to serve flat iced coffee from Cornelius kegs through nitro-infused coffee. It does come with a complete tap kit that has a commercial-grade draft tower, nitrogen tank, and regulator. There’s also a Deep Chill feature that’s great for getting a quicker cooling result when loading a keg, and it always operates at an ideal temperature of 33º and 50ºF for the perfect iced coffee each time.

Bottoms Up!

When looking for a beverage center or dispenser, several different varieties may fit your needs. Luckily, the Liebherr, Zephyr, and both Summit dispensers all have different versions that you might find more suitable for your home. If you want to browse a nearly endless supply of in-stock beverage appliances, head over to Airport Home Appliance or into any of our showrooms to learn more about them today!


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