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Buying Guide – Best Microwaves

Published June 26, 2022 by Manuel Escobar

Believe it or not, there are several different types of microwaves out there.

There are the basic models that just heat food and the very luxurious models that can air fry and do much more. In this quick buying guide, we’ll explore each microwave to help you narrow down your choice. Just remember, whichever microwave you chose should be one that best fits your kitchen and personal need.

Microwave Types

Countertop Microwave

The countertop microwave is the traditional microwave that you would ordinarily see in any given home. It’s a standard freestanding microwave that can rest on any open surface. As one of the most traditional, it’s widely available and is versatile in functionality and great for any budget. Sizes for these microwaves range from 18-18in high, 18-20in wide, and 18-22in deep.

Built-In Microwave

Built-in microwaves are exactly what they sound like, microwaves that are built into a wall or cabinet for convenient use. These microwaves are close in size and capacity to traditional microwaves. The main benefit of this type is that you save counter space since it’s built-in!

These microwaves are also available in a variety of sizes and wattages and typically operate over 800 watts. If you want one of these microwaves you will need to spend more than usual as it is a renovation route and will also need professional installation.

Over-the-Range Microwave

Over-the-range microwaves are installed above a range or cooktop and take over the space where a range hood would be. Aside from being a microwave, it also eliminated steam, smoke, and other cooking odors through its built-in ventilation system. Aside from the ventilation system, they also have built-in light to help illuminate your range or cooktop.

The ventilation system can also vary in how it eliminates the smoke. Depending on what model you may get, you could hook it up to send smoke through an outside vent, or have it recirculate the smoke into a charcoal filter to then send back into the house.

Convention Microwave

While traditional microwaves defrost, reheat, and cook some food, convection microwaves mix convection and microwave heating in one for a unique cooking method. In this cooking method, hot air circulates for even cooking and helps achieve that crispy browning effect that a standard microwave can’t.

Since it’s a different method altogether, you can cook a variety of different foods much faster and way better. Inner capacity ranges from .5 cubic feet, 1.4 cubic feet, or 2 cubic feet. So, if you’re looking for a compact, mid-sized, or large, there’s a microwave for you. Plus, convection microwaves range in watts from 600 to 1,300

Microwave Drawers

Lastly, microwave drawers are installed underneath a countertop or wall oven and can be pulled out like a drawer. Unlike other microwaves, you place and remove food from the top instead of the front. Because of this design, most of them do come with a safety lock to prevent any unwanted child from opening the microwave. Plus, because it is positioned lower and easily accessible, most of them are ADA compliant. The outside width can range from 24 to 30 inches and usually has an inner capacity of 1.2 cubic feet.

Because of their design, features, and overall modern kitchen look, microwave drawers tend to be more costly than any other type of microwave.

Final Thoughts

Any microwave can get the job done. However, some have better features than others and are better accessible. Who wouldn’t want to be able to brown their dinner instead of having a steamy mess? Again, you can have any microwave that fits and well-suits your kitchen, the choice is yours! If you need to browse more or are ready to check out, Airport Home Appliance has you covered! Don’t forget to visit us at any of our showrooms or online at any time!


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