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Appliance Warranties

Published June 13, 2022 by Manuel Escobar

Warranties, they’re extremely useful when your appliance begins to wear down. All appliances come with some form of a warranty, or at least they should. But what exactly is a warranty? How do you use it? And how long are they good for?

All great questions that should be answered in case any damage come to your appliance! The last thing you want is a broken refrigerator with a costly repair bill.

What’s a Warranty?

A warranty is a written promise that if something unexpected happens to your appliance, it’ll be covered and protected by the manufacturer. These warranties usually cover some parts, common issues, and labor within a certain timeframe. Most warranties vary in length, some only being good for one year while others are good for up to three years or more. The length of any warranty varies with different manufacturers and with extended warranties.

You’ll also notice some appliances might say, “Limited Warranty”. A limited warranty is a warranty that has very specific conditions and usually only covers parts for an appliance and not the labor needed to fix it. There is also an “Extended Warranty” as mentioned, this is a warranty you can pay for after purchasing the appliance to add an extended time on the original appliance warranty.

How Do I Claim a Warranty?

To be able to claim a warranty, something on or in the appliance needs to break, or not work properly. So, the moment you notice something wrong with your appliance, investigate and see how big the issue is yourself. If it’s something that must get fixed, start by calling the manufacturer. You can usually find their number on the side of the appliance or simply by going online and searching the name.

Most manufacturers only allow online or phone call claims submissions, though sometimes there are other ways via live chat or in-person. They’ll most likely ask for proof of purchase to ensure you bought the item, so be sure to save that receipt! Pro-tip, a great way to save receipts is to ask for an email copy when purchasing, that way it’s always with you.

Once the manufacturer can confirm the warranty will cover the damage, they’ll move you on to the next steps. 

How Long Are Warranties Good For?

Warranties range in length since they vary per manufacturer. Some appliances are only covered for one, three, five, or sometimes ten years. There’s no solid answer, but if you forgot the length, you can always ask a sales associate or check online to find the length. It’s usually easier to check online under the “Specifications” section of the appliance.

If all else fails, you should also be able to find the length of your warranty through the user manual. You should always know how long your warranty is so you're not surprised by a short 60 or 90-day warranty.

Importance of a Warranty

Appliance warranties are essential, to reiterate, nearly all appliances automatically come with them. But if they don’t, it’s wise to purchase it just in case anything does happen to your appliance. It could help you avoid costly out-of-pocket repairs in the future. Luckily at Airport Home Appliance, you can easily check what appliance warranties are offered, and purchase an extended warranty if needed! You can visit us at any of our showrooms or visit us online anytime!


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