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Appliance Trends to Not Follow

Published June 26, 2022 by Manuel Escobar

Just because an appliance trend gains traction, that doesn’t always mean it’s one to follow.

Much like the fashion industry, the appliance industry also gets influenced and transitions into new trends often. While some are great and stay for years, others fall far from good and are gone in seconds. We’ve covered some appliance trends that you should follow in 2022, but now let’s dive into the ones you should avoid.

Trends To Avoid

All White Kitchen

Again, your kitchen, your rule. However, all-white kitchens and all-white appliances are other trends you should try to avoid. One of the obvious reasons is it’ll get dirty in a matter of seconds. No matter the family size, chances are an all-white setup will get dirty immediately, especially being a kitchen. Even if you’re attentive and clean after every mishap, white appliances do stain over time and make it almost impossible to restore their original look.

So, even if white appliances clean up easily and don’t show smudges, they get damaged in the long run. The last thing you want is an appliance to start yellowing.

“Air” Sous Vide

Cooking sous vide has been popular since before the pandemic. Sous vide is the act of cooking food in a vacuum-sealed bag or container and placing it in a water bath at a constant temperature. This method of cooking isn’t going anywhere, it’s a cooking method that many enjoy, however, its counterpart, “air” sous vide, is another story. Air sous vide is when food is still vacuum sealed, but instead of going into a water bath, it’s cooked in your oven.

It’s not much different from regular sous vide, so what’s the need for this specific method? Plus, since you cook it in the oven at a specific mode, anything else you may want to cook now has to wait until the air sous vide is done. Whereas with normal sous vide, you could cook it on the side of your range while still having the other half of a range available and your oven for anything else you may cook.

Black Stainless-Steel Appliances

Stainless steel appliances are a trend that has been around for a while now, and rightfully so, it works well for any kitchen. Black Stainless-Steel appliances on the other hand are something you may want to stay away from. Black stainless steel is made the same way stainless steel is made; however, it’s finished with a protective layer of either acrylic or polymer paint to give it the black finish. So, they’re not much different, to begin with.

With this, black stainless steel is also very prone to scratches. Though it can handle smudges and smears, it can get damaged easily by just about anything. Plus, not every manufacturer makes the same type of black stainless steel. Some of the black finishes may be off in hue, making them clash in your kitchen. If that wasn’t enough, black stainless steel also cost more than the same model in a different color.

Colored Appliances

Having colored appliances may seem fun and trendy at first, but they can stick out like a sore thumb. Just try picturing a bright vibrant purple oven in an all-stainless-steel kitchen. It doesn’t make sense, granted it’s just one of many examples. The main issue with colored appliances like bright reds, purples, yellows, and similar, is that some homeowners might not know how to pair them into their kitchen.

What follows is a sleek kitchen design with one appliance that sticks out, or several different colors clashing with one another making for a rainbow kitchen. Of course, there’s no real rule or guidebook on what your kitchen should look like, but it’s obvious that too many colors or colors that don’t match your kitchen are a recipe for bad style.

Double Wall Ovens

Having double wall ovens can maximize your cooking need, immediately giving you more space for food to cook inside. However, there are several downfalls to this appliance, such as possibly needing new installation and renovation in cabinets to make room. Because of this, the need for double wall ovens then means you lose storage space in drawers and cabinets for oven capacity.

Lastly, double wall ovens are higher priced than single ovens. Upfront it should be an appliance trend to avoid, the only reason you’d need something like this is if you have an extremely large family that needs oven room. Or, if you just like having the aesthetics of double wall ovens.

Your Kitchen, Your Rules

Again, with any trend, in the end, it’s up to you to follow along or break free. Some trends are outstanding and do provide unique kitchen designs. However, it all falls under what you prefer and what is more aligned with your aesthetic. So, no matter what trend you follow, you can trust Airport Home Appliance to carry just about anything you need! We have a large in-stock variety of all appliances that you can see at any time in our showrooms or online!


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