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Appliance Shopping – Questions You Should Ask

Published June 13, 2022 by Manuel Escobar

Appliance shopping can be tricky if you don’t know where to start. Some might say you should start by going online and researching appliances that best fit your needs. Though this may work sometimes, the first thing you should really do is ask yourself some questions.

Whether you’re going to shop online or in person, you need to make sure you know what you’re getting into. So, below are five burning questions you should ask yourself before heading out to purchase a new appliance.

Questions To Ask

What’s my Budget?

Knowing your budget is crucial. The last thing you want to do is go in thinking you'd only spend $1,000 and end up breaking your wallet for a $6,000 appliance instead. Though special financing can always be helpful, you don’t want to commit to something you simply can’t afford. Being able to narrow down what you can spend from the beginning is extremely helpful so you don’t also get your hopes up!

There's no shame in telling a sales associate what your budget is. It also helps them understand what appliances they should be suggesting. Just be sure to leave a little extra for wiggle room if needed!

How much room do I have?

Another crucial question, do you have room to fit a new appliance? Before shopping, go check out the space where you’d like to place a new appliance. It’s great to know so you can narrow down your selection and it’s a safety measure to prevent you from getting something that’ll be too big for your house. Even if you think you know the size, go back and re-measure.

You can never be too safe and it’s the easiest step to prevent a headache.

What’s the storage capacity?

Knowing how much space you have inside an appliance is also key. Though some people may not care or know the exact cubic feet inside an appliance, it’s nice to know so you can properly store your food and other materials. Overfilling a refrigerator, for example, can block air vents, restrict air circulation, and overall can lower energy efficiency since the appliance is working too hard. So, knowing or at least asking prior to purchase can help understand how much stuff you can pack in, whether it's laundry, food, or dishes.

How long will delivery and installation take?

Some appliances take months to deliver, so wanting to know how long delivery will take should be a no-brainer. The current appliance supply chain issue may very well continue into the next year, so knowing if an appliance can be delivered the same day or months away can be crucial. Many sites offer next-day delivery, so take advantage of that when possible. Otherwise, you might be stuck with an appliance that has a lead time of 6-months or more!

On the subject, knowing how long something might take to install is always nice to know. Though generally, it takes less than a handful of hours.

How can I toss my old appliance?

Usually, you can ask the sales associate if they have any services to take out old appliances. Normally, you should be able to add on a haul away so the installation team can take your old appliance after they deliver the new one. Though, this can vary through different companies and include fees. 

Otherwise, you might be able to call your waste disposal center and schedule a pickup for appliances. Never assume you can just pick it up and toss it wherever, even if you’re going to a dump, call ahead and see what they recommend. Also, if you plan to move your appliance in front of your house during trash pick up, be prepared to pay a fee.

Final Thoughts

These questions sound like easy ones to remember, but sometimes we can get caught up in the whole process of moving, price checks, and learning new features, we forget to ask the important questions. Being able to ask these questions to yourself and a sales associate can help overall in your appliance shopping.

If you want to learn more or start browsing, Airport Home Appliance has the largest selection of in-stock appliances in the Bay Area! Visit us at any of our showrooms or online anytime!


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