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Appliance Recall – What to Do

Published June 13, 2022 by Manuel Escobar

The chances of your appliance being recalled is slim, but not impossible.

Appliance recalls can happen for various reasons, some can even cause death. But what is a recall notice? What should you do when you appliance is recalled? It may seem tricky at first to know for certain what to do during a recall, but it shouldn’t be!

What’s a Recall?

Put simply, an appliance recall is when a manufacturer reaches out to consumers letting them know when a product has a safety issue or is defective. This recall usually comes in the form of a letter, though it can also be announced now more publicly online through social outlets such as Twitter or TV. Recalls are extremely necessary when noticed because they can at times cause injury, or worse, death.

Sometimes, manufacturers don’t like to issue recalls because it can be extremely costly to them, though if they don’t, they’ll have several liability issues. So, legally they must issue recalls even when the appliance issue is just a faulty handle on a refrigerator or a bad light in an oven

What Should You Do?

When a recall is placed, it’s vital that you ensure whether your specific appliance is the model being recalled. Once you verified your specific appliance is being recalled, ensure to fully understand the recall itself. Usually, major recalls are publicly made and are easily accessible online. Remember, even though you might be “OK” with the recall risk, others in your household might not be. So, be sure to take every recall seriously.

Once you’ve understood the recall and agree, stop using the appliance immediately. It would be in your best interest to unplug and remove the appliance until it’s either repaired or replaced altogether. As mentioned, sometimes the initial recall issue is small enough to avoid, but other times, it can cause serious injury or death. To avoid any risk, it’s best to simply avoid any use altogether no matter the size of the recall.

If the appliance recall is a low-cost item, something you don’t mind throwing away, be sure you disable it enough so that if anyone else finds it, they can't use it. If you do decide to throw away the appliance, it’s still best if you contact the manufacturer to let them know so they too can be aware of it. Otherwise, most of the time the manufacturer will reach out and help you understand where you can return the product or schedule a pickup so they can either replace or repair the appliance.

Safety & Next Steps

Appliance recalls can be very dangerous if avoided. Considering that all appliances are widely available to your family, it’s best to not take up any risk. Check the news, and the internet, and look out for letters that may circulate when an appliance recall is announced. If you're ever curious about any current recalls, you can visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission website and search for your specific appliances or products.

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